Up until last week, it was a pain to get online. I don’t own a smartphone and hope I never have to. I’m directionally challenged, so the only conceivable reason to own one would be for the built-in GPS.

I’ve been mostly online while at the day job. Beings I work two days of the week, that really limited my social media time. Two laptops at home sufficed for my internet. One was slower than the other. Neither could manage to play a YouTube video without crashing. The one I used most often froze up if I ever accidentally hit a link to Facebook. Luckily email still worked well enough on the one, so I could send documents out to publishers during the week if needed.

The laptop I use to write on didn’t have internet access. Something in it broke two weeks after I bought it, and I became instantly more productive. It was my modern typewriter, a word processor without any internet.

I only got it fixed last week so I can start a new online business. I’m hoping that my patterns of social media use don’t change because of that. I sincerely hope that I’ve imprinted no need for a social media high. But I’m sure that’s not how it works. I’m pretty positive that I can imprint a negative, at least not easily, so I want to be cognizant of what I am doing, how it is making me feel, and aware of where my time and effort is going.

And if all else fails, I’ll just re-break my computer, but on purpose this time. A new online business isn’t worth lowering my quality of life.

Fiction and founder of the Hello, Author newsletter. Words at AuthorGreene.com 📗

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