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I prefer a keto diet, high in fat, moderate protein, with as many veggies as I want. Using fat for energy instead of carbs seems to work with my body very well. My favorite part is how hunger, even months into the diet, is never overwhelming like it is when I am taking in even moderate amounts of carbs and sugars. Perhaps it is lower ghrelin (hormone that makes you feel hunger) has a lot to do with that, plus no crazy insulin spikes and lows.

I agree with this study; low-calorie diets will help you lose weight but low-cal doesn’t guarantee your body is being nutritionally nourished. That’s why I love my keto diet, because there’s not only tasty food, but unlimited amounts of delicious vegetables.

Pros: weight loss, easy to follow, cheap

Cons: harder to eat out, cheating can easily kick one out of ketosis, the month of December is the most difficult month to eat on diet :)

Obviously there are other diets that might balance better for others who simply can’t cut the carbs that keto demand because, IDK, they’re bakers or something.

Anyway, very informative post. Thanks!

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