The idea Medium pitched for series was an ongoing journey or tale, like a trip around the world or a guy learning to play basketball, resembling a topical blog and sorta feeling like a topical podcast. But as a fan of flash, I really enjoy the short, 5-to-10-slide pieces that leave me feeling good.

As you obviously know, my series is waaaay longer. But it’s also composed of mostly updates. So, yeah, it’s kinda yin-yang (kinda), a long series and with short updates. Whatever it is, it’s motivating me to complete a short story collection, beings I’m posting an update on a new “creative conversation” once a week. I’m not sure I picked the right platform, but too late now. At least with series, it always lets a reader pick up where they left off.

And, yeah, I totally agree, if somebody just posted a links in their series, I’d be pissed.
— -

I’m still suffering the traumatic after-effects of Wonder Woman. Thank god you didn’t make it to the end of WW where, for some stupid reason, love is the answer. It was awful.
With that said, I could care less about superheros, though I didn’t mind Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (I approached it as an Alien adventure flick, which got me through any rough spots). The second movie was toilet water in my entitled opinion.

I’ll have to try some Leo Moracchioli to help get rid of this WW headache. Maybe it’ll also help me recover from a lingering case of despair that’s plagued me since that disappointing Iron Man movie.


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