“I think your stories are hilarious and would benefit from being short formed. Why not delete the series (copy into a text doc — of course), and start again.”

First: You mean make each story it’s own series?

I ended up scrapping the idea of posting the stories in my series anyway. Instead I’ll be trying to get them published individually in different publications, which just seems more like a better idea to me for what I want to accomplish with this series in the end (e.g., a book of short stories put out by a reputable publisher).

Second: I’m happy you find most of my dialogues hilarious. Not all are funny, but humor does undergird most of them.

Third: Yes, I saw Galaxy Quest many years ago. While I never watched the original TV show the movie was playing off of, I thought it was great (I’m a trekkie and could see the parody of star trek fans there!).

I never had the pleasure of Watching School of Rock. I think Jack Black is a fine actor and a musically-talented artist.

And I recently re-watched Hot Fuzz. Good stuff that the whole household enjoyed.

We just watched Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, which is an all-time favorite spoof of kung fu movies. I’d also recommend Dodgeball. It verges on the kind of over the top comedy that I don’t care for, but doesn’t quite go there. It’s an old favorite, really.

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