1. I swear when I started series there was a homepage. Since the “change” a few weeks ago, I haven’t figured out how to get there, if it is still there. And even then, it was never a hub like the regular Medium home page.
  2. Agreed. They need tags and categories, along with a functioning section for series (both in-app and off).
  3. I might be mistaken, but it seems like progress is automatically saved if you follow the person, regardless of whether you’re subscribed to notifications for that series or not. However, as I noted in an article today, I don’t think you can subscribe to notifications without following the person. The notifications function is currently kaput.
  4. I am neutral on commenting. I’d rather let Medium focus first on accessibility and visibility. And then they can get interactivity going.
  5. I had no idea about the sharing issue. In fact, I can’t find a way to share it at all, outside of copying the URL. Maybe it’s my device (I don’t own a smartphone) or maybe it’s something else. There’s now a bell I can click that puts toggles a plus or minus sign back and forth next to the series. No idea what this does though.
  6. I’ve found new series seem to have claps that count, or at least they are limited to 50. Older series just have countless claps (pun intended).

Did you know about the change a few weeks back? Did you see an announcement anywhere? I didn’t.

I wrote about my experience with Medium’s series feature here:


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