A Terrorist Organization Sent Me a Letter

That’s right, a terrorist group not only sent me a letter, but using Publishers Clearing House style writing, told me I could win guns and gold in a sweepstakes.

Part of entering involved stickers. There were three of them.




All I had to do was affix these stickers to my official entry form. Oh, and hopefully while I’m at it, I could join their terrorist organization.

How can they get away with using the US Postal Service in service of spreading terror?

Let me tell you that I actually see US citizens wearing clothing that proudly proclaims them members of this terrorist organization. Yes, it’s one of those kinds of groups, one that takes people in, feeds them pure ideology, and spews out acolytes with a devotion to a cause that has no normal moral sense — at least not in the face of facts, in the face of our dead.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes, I’m talking about the the National Rifle Association of America (NRA), a powerful and terrible group, responsible for the deaths of thousands through their efforts to restrict the laws of America from providing the well-regulated gun safety guaranteed to citizens in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

I want to qualify this by saying that I don’t think NRA members are de facto terrorists, but the organization itself is one that seeks to undermine our Constitution and to profit despite the blood of Americans shed due to their largely successful efforts. If you support the NRA, you support terrorism. Sure, you also support the other things they do, but the lobbying side trumps all other considerations.

Yes, the NRA is a terrorist organization. Guns are one of my country’s biggest problems. Compared to other countries (when adjusted for population), one can see that US gun violence is out of control. Though it hardly takes statistics for the average American to realize there’s something wrong when mass shootings have become the norm. Yet, people still support the NRA despite the fact that the NRA erodes our protections through their lobbying efforts and their payoffs to lawmakers who care more about campaign donations than protecting the lives of their constituents and their fellow Americans.

The NRA has crossed some horrific lines by recently trying to push guns into schools and into courthouses, and they won’t back down on their push to keep assault-style weapons legal for individuals to purchase and own, which is anything but the protection guaranteed in our Second Amendment.

The NRA is pushing for that which will increase terrorism in our towns, our streets, our homes. They make this possible. They are terrorists.

I get a lot of mail asking for donation requests because my wife and I do frequently give money to causes we believe in. But these letters are usually asking us to help disadvantaged children or to donate in support of one of our environmental advocacy groups. I have never been asked to give money to a terrorist organization before, and I hope that it will never happen again.

To help ensure that I don’t get any more mail from the NRA, I went ahead and wrote a letter of my own in reply on their cluttered entry form, using a big red marker:

The NRA is a terrorist organization. How dare you send anything to my home.
Your organization is bent on undermining the Second Amendment, which has a sole purpose of protecting US citizens through safe, well-regulated militias. That means gun laws FOR ALL Americans, not just gun makers & sellers.

Due to your terrorist activities, the NRA is responsible for such lax gun laws that our children are dying monthly — at school! Suicides, police deaths, street violence — all this blood is on YOUR hands.

This is a demand: Take me off your lists. Expunge my name from your system. It’s sick that your organization is still somehow legal, despite what you do to undermine American values, the American Constitution, and American lives.

Randal Greene

Randal Eldon Greene is the author of Descriptions of Heaven, a novel revolving around a linguist, a lake monster, and the looming shadow of death. His typos are tweeted @AuthorGreene and his website is AuthorGreene.com

All artwork in this post is free for commercial use with no attribution required from Pixabay.

Fiction and founder of the Hello, Author newsletter. Words at AuthorGreene.com 📗

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