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Fiction writer, AuthorTuber, and founder of the Hello, Author interview newsletter.📗
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Why in the world did I ever let another human
being within six feet of me?
Unless, of course, maybe
we were going to make
potential love. Then proximity is necessarily

Appetizers sizzle
on a plate. The seating is fresh lemon-
scented sanitizer. …

Unpopular Opinion: Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five is a bad novel. While taste is subjective when it comes to classics of all stripes, I found Slaughterhouse to be littered with problems from start to finish, from form to content.

The novel is the story of a man who unwillingly begins jumping through…

Nazi Literature in the Americas by Roberto Bolaño is a book of sly humor and dry wit. It masquerades as a catalog of short author biographies - authors who happen to be fascists and Nazi sympathizers. …

Charles Dickens’s short novel A Christmas Carol is the perfect book for the holiday season. Reading the classic after only knowing the story from its various film adaptations was a treat. …

Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is a novel written as much for our time as for his 1950’s America.

How do you read today’s books without a passing familiarity with the classics?

(Image by author)

All the best contemporary writers allude to these timeless tomes constantly. And I’m continually finding more depth in the classics to draw from. They’re classics not because they’re old, but because they’re timeless human stories.

Not all…

In the lives of ambitious and creative people, the view is often forward. The view, in fact, is often tunnel-visioned in the sense of the next project, the next step in the process. What we forget is that the process is likely to only end when we do. …

This story took a long time to place. I don’t think it took so long because it was poorly written. In fact, I’ve had some compliments on it over the years. The editor at 34thParallel (one of the first magazines I ever submitted to) sort of gushed over it:


That’s right, a terrorist group not only sent me a letter, but using Publishers Clearing House style writing, told me I could win guns and gold in a sweepstakes.

Part of entering involved stickers. There were three of them.




All I had to do was affix these stickers to my…

As a child, I shinnied the coarse trunks of trees, carrying a book in a backpack or clamped resolutely between my chin and chest. I’d sit in the boughs of shady retreat and dappled light up there where the wind blew through leaves, and the leaves were an instrument, accompanied…

Randal Eldon Greene

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